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A Pioneering Educator

Though it is difficult to say what is most important in life, I myself treasure country, education, company, and of course, family.

Dr. New was more proud of being an educator than of his achieve-
ments as an entrepreneur. His business cards sometimes listed his
title as “Educator” rather than “President of Yuhan Corporation.”
In the same way that he believed only a healthy people can truly be sovereign, he also believed that only a well-educated people can make their nation prosperous and strong.

Dr. New visited Yuhan Technical High School whenever he could. He enjoyed spending time with the young, eager students. He always
made sure to visit during break periods because he never wanted to interrupt their studies. “You must all become outstanding profession-
als so that our country can continue to develop,” Dr. New would always tell them. Today, Korea’s growing economy provides ample proof that Dr. New’s words had the effect he intended.

Only a pioneering educator1 Only a pioneering educator2