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  • Yuhan-Kimberly

    Originally established as a joint venture with Kimberly-Clark in 1970,
    Yuhan-Kimberly is now a leading home and personal care manufacturer in Korea.
    Huggies, White, Good Feel, Kleenex, Popee and Green Finger are the Yuhan-
    Kimberly brands most widely recognized in Korea and the Southeast Asian market.

  • Yuhan-Clorox Co., Ltd.

    As a joint venture with Clorox, Yuhan-Clorox has helped create a more hygienic
    environment since 1977. Products such as Yuhanrox (a household bleach), Punclin
    (a liquid plumber), and Vipon (a disinfectant) are widely recognized in Korea and in
    other countries.

  • Yuhan Chemical, Inc.

    Equipped with the latest product facilities, Yuhan Chemical manufactures
    antibiotics and antiviral drugs in small volumes and mass commercial batches.
    The company’s synthesizing plant is designed and built in compliance with cGMP
    regulations and produces various active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for export.

  • Yuhan Medica Corporation

    Yuhan Medica is a maker of therapeutic drugs including Zental and bioactive
    nutriceuticals including Newfactan and vitamin E. By introducing new lines of
    health supplements and traditional beverage products, the company is now
    expanding its scope to enter the food and beverage industry.

  • Janssen Korea, Ltd.

    A joint venture with Belgium’s Janssen Pharmaceutical Company, a subsidiary of
    Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Korea is expanding its market with outstanding
    pharmaceutical products including gastroprokinetics such as Pariet, and anti-fungal
    agents, such as Sporanox Cap.

  • Gujarat Themis Biosyn, Ltd. (GTBL)

    GTBL is located in India, and operates locally to produce and market finished
    products such as Rifampicin and Rifa-S. Yuhan’s joint venture with GTBL made the
    important respiratory drug Rifampicin available on the Indian subcontinent for the first
    time in history.