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Corporate Governance

Ownership Structure


Ownership Structure
Yuhan Foundation 10,439,005 15.61%
National Pension 7,900,312 11.82%
Treasury Stocks 5,682,165 8.50%
Yuhan School 5,133,460 7.68%
Yonsei University 2,482,805 3.71%
Others 35,219,063 52.68%
Total 66,856,810 100.00%

Board of Directors


Board of Directors
Title Name
Executive Director Wook Je, Cho
Executive Director Byung Man, Lee
Executive Director Jae Kyo, Kim
Non-Executive Director Jung Hee, Lee
Outside Director Chul, Lee
Outside Director Sung Gil, Chi
Outside Director Dong Jin, Park
Outside Director Young Jae, Shin
Outside Director Jun Cheol, Kim