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Corporate Governance

Ownership Structure


Ownership Structure
Yuhan Foundation 1,893,689 15.51%
National Pension 1,266,186 10.37%
Treasury Stocks 1,072,094 8.78%
Yuhan School 931,240 7.63%
Yonsei University 463,000 3.79%
Others 6,583,145 53.92%
Total 12,209,354 100.00%

Board of Directors


Board of Directors
Title Name
Representative Director CEO & President Jung Hee, Lee
Vice President Wook je, Cho
Vice President Chong Hyun, Park
Executive Vice President Sang Chul, Kim
Executive Vice President Young Lae, Lee
Executive Vice President Byung Man, Lee
Executive Vice President Jae Kyo, Kim
Outside Director In Young, Ko
Outside Director Soon Chul, Chung
Outside Director Chul, Lee
Standing Auditor Jae Gul, Woo
Auditor Suk Bum, Yoon