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General Formulation Plant

What we offer

  • Non-sterile dose form(Solid & Liquid)
  • Sterile dose form(Liquid & Lyophilized)
  • Beta-lactam

    - Penicillin(Sterile & Non-sterile)

    - Cephalosporin(Sterile & Non-sterile)

Automated Warehouse

raw material flow-> high bay warehouse(sampling) -> general product(3f. weighting - 2f quarantine - product package) and packaging material flow -> high bay warehouse(sampling) -> product package

Closed System / Container System

Automated/Continuous Production System(1F Tableting/Coating Packaging Process - 2F Granule/Mix Process) and Vertical Process(3F Weighing Room - 1F Tableting/Coating Packaging Process)