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Synthetic Plant

Health & Safety regulations

  • Industrial Safety and Health Act
  • Toxic Chemicals Control Act
  • Fire Service Act

Environment regulations

  • Clean Air Conservation Act
  • Water Quality Conservation Act
  • Waste Control Act

EH&S status

EH&S status
Safety Safety check-up(Daily)
Safety training(New employees, routine training)
Outside training
Health Stretching: Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders
Environmental measurement in workplace
Environment Waste water treatment : 700 tons/day
Air pollution preventive equipment : total 20 scrubbers
Outside contractor for waste solvents & garbage discard
Management of waste solvents and soild waste disposal
Fire prevention In-house fire brigade(emergency drill; once a year)
Training new employee for fire extinguishers & hydrants
Check-up of automatic fire protection equipments
Monthly check-up of fire hydrants
PSM(Process Safety
PSM report
Process Hazard Assessment
Disaster-free campaign