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Global Citizenship

Caring. This value forms the foundation of Yuhan’s deeply- held principles and guides our decision-making.

Dr. New founded the Yuhan corporation in 1926 with the belief that healthy citizens contribute to a healthy society, and he acted on that belief by solving widespread public health problems. For more than 80 years, Yuhan’s founding commitment to producing the best medicines and making significant contributions to public health has continued through intense research and development activities, and successful collaborations with multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Our founder’s vision shapes our future by keeping us focused on what matters most—our community.

Addressing Health Challenges

Compassion for others is what guides us toward addressing global health challenges.

Medical Aid

Each year, Yuhan makes significant contributions to the healthcare system by actively donating vital medicines such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, antihistamines, and nutrition packs to South-East Asian and African countries in need.

Blood Donation

Yuhan runs a blood donation campaign twice a year, and the number of employees participating is steadily increasing.
The blood donations, along with a blood donating card ( which is equivalent to the value of the blood donation), is donated to a charity for children with cancer.

Supporting Research and Science Education

Yuhan Corporation continues to support both individual and institute-level research activities for the improvement of human health and the advancement of medicine. The scope of Yuhan’s research support spans diverse areas, from the development of new technologies to cultural studies. Yuhan Corporation has also established ‘The Yuhan Prize for Medicine” and ‘The Yuhan Prize for Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Research’, to further recognize and encourage excellence in research progress.

Yuhan Prize for Medicine

Established in 1967, the Yuhan Prize for Medicine has been the catalyst for
numerous Korean medical advances and continues to serve as an inspiration for medical scientists dedicated to R&D. This is the oldest and most prestigious
medical prize in Korea, and has been awarded to more than 100 medical

Yuhan Prize for Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Research

Established in 1979, the Yuhan Prize for Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Research actively supports researchers who are devoted to achieving remarkable success in the field. The prize is recognized as the most prestigious medical prize in its area, and has been awarded to more than 100 medical researchers.

Taking a Broad Approach to Make a Difference

Educational Scholarship

The Yuhan Foundation has supported educational scholarships for more than 40 years. Based on the recognition that cultivation of human resources is the most important national priority, the Yuhan Foundation has provided scholarships to outstanding high school and college students every year as a way to develop future talent. Since 1970, the Foundation has granted over 10 million USD.

Yuhan social service organization

As dependably as the April rains bring May flowers, this voluntary organization makes important contributions to the well-being of society such as donating heating fuel and lunch to the elderly who live alone, and caring for children and students after school.

supporting the independence of the intellectually handicapped

Since 2007, Yuhan has actively supported the intellectually handicapped and regularly selects their artwork for the cover page of Yuhan’s periodic newsletter.