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Social Responsibility

Yuhan’s Social Responsibility and Shared Values

Yuhan’s deep corporate commitment to social responsibility is rooted in the principle of shared value and driven by its founder’s heartfelt beliefs:

  • 1) that only healthy citizens can reclaim their sovereignty;
  • 2) that the greatest asset of any organization is a quality workforce; and
  • 3) that a company’s profits should return to the society in which it thrives.

When Dr. Ilhan New founded Yuhan Corporation, he saw his company as an integral part of society at large. Even though Dr. New acknowledged his own significant achievements as an individual entrepreneur who founded a successful company, he preferred to view his role as that of a manager within a much larger structure. Dr. New’s belief that companies most ethically and respectfully achieve their successes by providing services to the public continues to this day.

Dr. Ilhan New not only supported scholarships during his lifetime, but donated his entire property upon his death to the Yuhan Foundation. As a result, the Yuhan Foundation and the Yuhan School Fund became the largest shareholders of Yuhan. Today, approximately 23% of the company is held by these two non-profit foundations. The income from these corporate shares is used for social service activities in South Korea, including vocational education programs for youth, lifestyle support for the elderly and disabled, and aid for disaster relief.

Evolution: Yuhan’s Shared Values Over Time

  • Healthy Citizens

    Development 1926-1951 / Yuhan Corporation Est. 1926

    • Improved health conditions
    • Promoted Financial Stability
    • Enhanced Quality of Life
  • Quality Workforce

    Expansion1951-1970 / Yuhan High School Est. 1953

    • Student scholarships, stipends & housing
    • School-industry cooperation
    • Well-educated workforce
  • Profits to Society

    Growth 1970 and ongoing / Yuhan Foundatio Est. 1971

    • 23% of Yuhan shares held by Foundation
    • Annual dividends used for social contributions
  • Yuhan’s Shared Values


    • Disaster Relief and Medical Aid
    • Research and Educational Support
    • Lifestyle Assistance

Ensuring a healthy, well-educated population supports Yuhan’s continuing success.

As an organization, Yuhan recognizes that societal needs define markets and therefore incorporates customer needs as well as broader influences into its corporate strategies. This application of shared value ensures the company’s long-term success and places Yuhan at the leading edge of innovation, productivity and growth in the global economy.