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R&D Roadmap

By establishing specific objectives, such as development of differentiat-
ed new products, expansion of the new drug pipeline, setting a clear
development strategy and reinforcement of the R&D capacities, Yuhan
will over the longer term aim to become a leading pharmaceutical firm
in the global market.
This will also be backed up by significant invest-
ments in human resources and innovative new drugs.

2015 ~ 2020
Global standard R&D
Selection and Concentration Focus on strategic disease areas - Global Out-licensing Increased number of global out-licensing deals R&D partners - Open Innovation In-licensing from and expanding collaboration with universities and research institutes
2021 ~ 2023
Strengthening new drugs pipeline
Launch of a potential blockbuster Launch of LECLAZA® in the global market after completing multinational Ph 3 clinical study conducted in-house - Value Maximization Enhancing scientific (PoC, MoA) and commercial (market competitiveness) values of drug candidates - Strategic R&D Investment Increase of strategic investment and return providing a positive cycle
2024 ~ 2025
Entry into the global market
Strentening Global Business Capability Obtaining resources through revenues from global licensing deals and strengthening the R&D pipeline - Expanding Global Marketability Adding late-stage global clinical studies conducted in-house and seeking drug approvals in major industrialized countries - Entry into the Global Market Export of final drug products and active pharmaceutical ingredients
Centennial anniversary of Yuhan Corporation 2026
Mission accomplishment as a global pharma