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R&D Strategy

RandD of innovative new drugs as a leading pharma - Strategic therapeutic focus area - Strengthened RandD capabilities through global partnerships - Increased chances of success through open innovation

Strategic therapeutic focus area

Yuhan is committed to R&D to overcome limitations of conventional treatments at the same time improve medical values of new drugs. To move quicker and more efficiently, three strategic disease areas - oncology, metabolism, and CNS were selected to concentrate efforts on. When making the selection, profitability along with clinical unmet needs and our core competencies were taken into account. As such, Yuhan already has established global partnerships for developing innovative drugs in the oncology and metabolic disease space. Moreover, Yuhan is expanding pipeline for neurodegenerative diseases, where there are lack of approved disease-modifying drugs.


Increasing chances of sucess through open innovation

In addition to ongoing investment in R&D resources in-house, Yuhan has also been actively engaging in joint research, development and commercialization with external partners. In particular, Yuhan has been increasing collaboration with academics, research institutes, and venture corporations in Korea and abroad in order to strengthen the new drugs pipeline. And to efficiently enter the global market, the company has been forming cooperative ties with global firms and proceeding with successful joint development of drugs. More than half of the new drugs that Yuhan is developing are fueled through collaboration with external partners. Such open innovation strategy will help us further to expand the R&D pipeline and increase the chances of success and future values. As these projects continue to bear fruit, the company hopes to accelerate our position into the larger market as a leading firm.

Strengthening R&D capabilities through global partnerships

Since 2018, Yuhan Corporation has been recognized by multinational companies for the potential of our innovative drug candidates. This led to licensing and collaboration deals with Janssen Biotech, Boehringer Ingelheim, Gilead Sciences and also licensing deals with Spine Biopharma and Processa Pharmaceuticals. We are currently working closely with our five global partners.
Through these international partnerships, Yuhan has been able to secure the know-how, experience and tehnologies needed for the R&D of innovative new drugs to help patients worldwide. Specifically, the partnerships have helped us with the full spectrum of drug development including drug optimization, preclinical research, clinical studies, drug manufacturing and regulatory affairs.
Year 2026 marks the centennial anniversary of Yuhan Corporation. We remain committed to becoming a globally active pharmaceutical company that places emphasis on R&D and that can provide hopes to patients suffering from various diseases.