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R&D Collaboration

Collaboration is a key to innovation. YRI proudly works in partnership with numerous leading organizations, and continues to establish winning collaborative relationships with academic research centers, joint ventures and government-funded institutes. YRI has an impressive track record of successful cooperative research initiatives involving technology transfers, in- and out-licensing, joint research, development collaborations and commissioned research agreements. YRI excels in collaborative partnering for late-stage clinical development and product launches in foreign markets, and is committed to continually increasing client satisfaction with outstanding in-house contract manufacturing organization (CMO) and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing capabilities. YRI continues to welcome collaborative opportunities with inspiring partners to synergize expertise and resources for mutual reward. With its vibrant research atmosphere and competitive research capabilities YRI is an ideal international research and development partner

yuhan Partner

  • Ensolteck
  • Chonbuk National Univ.
  • Seoul National Univ.
  • Peptron Inc.
  • Alteogen Inc.
  • Yonsei Univ.