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R&D Collaboration

Research and development (R&D) strategies at Yuhan Research Institute (YRI) are driven, first and foremost, by patient need. This patient-focused approach leads YRI to concentrate its current drug development efforts on three critical areas of unmet medical need: cardiovascular/metabolic diseases; inflammatory/immune disorders; and oncology.YRI is dedicated to developing world-class therapeutics and bringing superior treatment options to millions of patients worldwide.

From discovery to clinical development, pharmaceutical research involves technical hurdles, scientific challenges and high attrition rates. YRI creates value through its R&D efforts by making significant investments in scientific infrastructure and expertise, while simultaneously creating change in research culture to encourage innovation.

Meeting the strategic goal of out-licensing three or more drugs by 2018 requires a strong commitment to R&D value creation. Not only does YRI routinely perform proof-of-concept studies and gather preclinical mechanism-of-action data to create value, YRI further creates value through R&D by: strengthening its existing pipeline, cultivating a vibrant research atmosphere, and fostering innovation through collaboration.