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Mission & Vision

To care for patients through our research in medicine

To make our medicine globally available Discovery into opportunity

  • New Chemical Entity
  • New Biological Entity
  • Active Product Ingredient
  • Incrementally Modified Drug
organizational culture

A leading pharmaceutical research institute that places focus on patients

The R&Division of Yuhan Corporation focuses its research ability on creating patient-oriented values and building global competitiveness to become a leading pharmaceutical company to help patients with unmet medical needs. To meet these goals, Yuhan supports environment that fosters the organizational culture, which can be portrayed by the following terms; Brilliant, Exploratory, Significant and Timely.

Yuhan strives to develop innovative new chemical entities, new biological entities, incrementally modified drugs, and also research on API development process. All these efforts so far have helped to increase sales, market share and footsteps in overseas market.

Since year 2018, the company saw great achievements in R&D worth over $3.5 billion through multiple out-licensing deals with partners such as Janssen Biotech, Gilead Sciences and Boehringer Ingelheim in the oncology and NASH space. This was made possible through strategic research and speedy development of high potential drug candidates.

Ultimately, our vision is to become globally leading research-oriented pharmaceutical company. And for our future direction, Yuhan has selected cancer, metabolism and the central nervous system as the three first-tier priority areas to concentrate on.

RandD Investment growth over the last 10 years

Over 612 M USD was invested into R&D over the past 6 years

※ Applied CER as of 31 Dec 2020